Text Structuring Essentials in HTML(How to structure text in HTML)

Let Understand how to set layout of Text

Friends as we discuss in my previous article that which other tags are used and can be used in HEAD section , So now we step ahead to know the Text Structuring in Body Section of HTML Structuring
Body Section contains all the content of web pages or web sites and text is the most content of body section as all the information is given by text and structuring of text is very important as per the aspect of attraction of viewer of web pages
So In the Article we focus on following points
1. Formatting Paragraph
2.Line Breaks
3.Preformatted text
5. Block Quotes
We take each point one by one to understand
1.Formatting Paragraph:- The most basic form to fit text within , Whether in book or on a Web page is the paragraph . HTML supplies a specific tag to format text into discrete paragraph. i.e <p> </p>
The paragraph tags,<p> </p> provide the most basic block formatting for web pages text.
Examples of Paragraph text :-
<p> Welcome to the oasis of tranquility your source of day spa services at hair salon prices. Come vivist us for that deep tissue or relaxing massage . facial manicure or hair coloring you have been putting off </p>
<p> Our concept is simple provide luxurious service affordable to most consumers . So stop in and let our experts please and pamper you today.</p>
See below for pictorial example

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2.Line Breaks : Ocassionally you will want to break a line of text withour endin the paragraph in which it appears .Reasons for doing so will vary but typically the foal is to avoid the blank line that would result when the user agent displays you text.

We use <br/> for this purpose as this tag break the line and point the cursor to the next line
<p>On target Games</p>
<p>1.Target Place</p>
<p>you can enjoy by playing this game.<br>
you like this game too.</p>
3. Preformatted text:-  Sometime we have a condition that the text we writting in html code will display same in browser  If we use normal way to show the particular pattern then we will not show because when we code the html we use enter to change the line but this dont mean that the line also change in browser display too . we use <br> tag but if we try to make a particular pattern to show in browser this is quite difficult to make that pattern using the sense of tag . So to make pattern easily in html we use 
<pre> ….</pre> tag 
Whatever we right in the pre tag will display same as in the browser 

See this example to understand :-

4. Division :Division tag (<div>) and (</div>) are one of the highest level block tags available in HTML.It is very typical to see HTML Document bodies coded with blocks of divisions, similar to following.
………….html content……….
<div> some other HTML content……………………</div>
<div> some another HTML content ……….</div>
there is no limit of using div tag in Body section .
4.Block Quotes: Ocassionally you will want to set blocks of text apart from the general text around it .
The blockquote tag (<blockguote>) indents the elements it encapsulates and inserts space above and below the blockquote section , although the latter depends on the rules of the individual user agent rendering the elements

*Hope you like this post and now you understand how to structure the text in html pages or webpages

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