HTML- Lightest client side language

HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language
Hypertext  stands for simply Responding Text
Markup refers the structure marking procedure used while code in HTML as we use tag in which we write our code
Example:- <head> this is a head tag</head> the bold word signifies Markup
So HTML is highly responding text used within tag language use to design web pages .
This Language is Static means there is no interactive dynamic interface no moving attractive design implementation  and more Important this is stateless language. Stateless  means for every single refresh the page wash out previous information and restart .
all the Beginners who really want to interested in web designing must first learn HTML as this is the base of the web designing and without this you guys will not learn other technologies so this is most important to you guys to learn HTML
In next Post I will Tell you about HTML Tags and basic Knowledge of HTML but before this let also learn some basic tags which are essential to write HTML code.
Step by Step we learn about the important  tags
ops tags here is <name> *name- name of tag such as html , head, body (always written within angular brackets).
The First Tag is <html>    </html>
always remember that when we open a tag we will also closed that by doing same but just add / sign initial to name as </html> you take this as parent tag you always right this first
The second Tag which come within html tag is <head> </head> In this we write the heading of web page (caption of web page which seen on top most of browser.
Third is <body>     </body>  in this we write all the data or insert all other requirement
(NOTE:- “there is <title>   </title>   also tag which is used same as <head> tag use”)
*HTML is not a case sensitive language
We learn all these tag but Main question is where we Write all these code ?
the answer is Notepad
we write all codes in notepad and save it as [*name].htm or [*name].html extension this [*name]- this is file name it depends on you whatever you change it such as   hello.htm  or hello.html
Hope you like this and if any query comment in the comment box…….keep visiting and enjoy

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