How to Use Pen Drive as RAM (With Images ) : 7 Steps

Hello friends Most of you are facing problem of slow working of System (let say Low speed) . There are so many reasons of this like outdated Processors , Some internal Problem of Operating System But the Most Known Reason of this problem is Less RAM Memory which is used to execute current Operation in Operating System 
So the Question is how to increase the Memory of RAM without Replace it with other RAM of large Size ?
Answer is to use Flash USB (Pen Drive) as Exteranl RAM  

Here are Some Steps to do So  Just Follow Them:

Step 1:- Insert Pen Drive in your System and Open My Computer (Make Sure to delete all data from Pen Drive

Step 2:- Open My Computer Properties Showing Below (Right Click on My Computer and open properties)

Step 3: In system Settings Go to Advanced  Setting 

Step 4:-  Click on Advanced Tab 

Step 5:- Select the Drive and Set the Size

Click on custom size radio button and give the values as follows;
  • Initial Size:1020
  • Maximum size:1020
  • The size depends upon your free memory capacity of your pen drive. So you can change this limit according to your pen drive size.
Step 6: Set the Values and Apply 

Step 7 :Now you have to restart the computer with pen-drive inserted. The speed of your computer will be increased.

Hope you Understand the Steps if you face any problem Just leave me a comment 


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