How to Open Block sites and Configure utorrent with Tor Proxy

Ok friends most of you facing a problem of access denied while trying to open some websites with are blocked by our college firewall Most of the College generally banned some websites and student try to open these website faces a Problem of Access Denied
So Here is the Solution to Open these Site without doing any configuration just use of Tor Bundle
Tor Proxy Bundle is very famous Proxy Bundle now these day as this work on most of the Strong Firewall’s Such as Cyberoam also .

So Let understand step by step how to open the Block site and How to Configure your torrent to download the torrent files

STEP 1:  Just download the Tor Browser software given link below . This is totally free to Download
                                                   CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD 

In this you have to donwload a Tor Browser for windows or for linux or mac OS accordingly 

STEP 2: after download the tor browser you have to install the software so that the tor browser can easily be configure in the system automatically 

STEP 3: In this step after installing the tor browser then you have to start tor browser and the tor browser have their own Mozilla firefox self configure browser open after the tor connected .
Congrates now you can access any site  in this browser

STEP 4: Now you have to configure the utorrent in tor proxy for this you first download you torrent from given link :CLICK HERE FOR UTORRENT

STEP 5: After installing the utorrent you have to open the utorrent and open the preferences in Options 
                          Options> preferences
                 or just use ctrl+p 
 Now in left side there is a navigation bar and there is a tab called “CONNECTION ” select this tab and you sees like this 

Mainly concern on these
port used for incoming connections :21281
Proxy type :Socks5 
Proxy :
Port :9050
check use proxy for hostname lookups and use proxy for p2p connections

 Now when you do this you completed your configuration of torrent with tor..
Important thing is that torrent download is only work only when the tor is connected otherwise not 
and try to download those torrent file having http trackers more than that of udp
Initially it start slowly but after some time this works fine ………
If any body have any problem regarding with configuration just leave a comment in comment box I will surely solve your problem … 
So chill with utorrent and have a good day…..
enjoy keep visiting 



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