How to Make USB Bootable and Install Window XP/Vista/7/8 Through Pen Drive

In Modern era DVD is now become alternative of installation Most of the people Preferred USB to Transfer Data and installation . Most of the people now switch to portable device than DVD’s

One of the Problem people of today faces is How to install Windows through USB or how to make USB Bootable

So here is the Solution of this Problem. Just follow the Steps Below

STEP 1 : First you should have ISO image of Windows XP/7/8

    • For this you can use Following Softwares :
      • NERO      (Download Nero From HERE )
      • POWER ISO  (Download Power ISO from HERE
    •  After Making ISO image of Windows XP/7/8  Just insert you Portable Drive (Pen drive ) and format it in NTFS 
    • Now you have to download Following Software you make USB Bootable 
    •  See the Snapshot of How to Make USB Bootable 


Then Use USB Device and USB Start Bootable Automatically 

    • Method 2: Use of Rufus 



 In Device Select Your USB Drive 
Capacity : Auto Detected 
File Format : NTFS 
New Volume Label : Default


For Any Problem Leave Me Comment I’ll try to Resolve your problem…

Hope this will Help you …


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