How to Create Local Drive/ Partition in Windows 7/8

Hello Friends, Today I am here to Share one more Trick of creating local drive in Windows 7 or 8
Most of the User in the world make local drive with the help of Disk management and sometime due to lack of knowledge they are not able to create partition of Hard disk

Here is one awesome software i found accidently when i was tried to make local drive in windows 7 as windows 7 only allow 3-4 number of local drive but with this Software we can make as many local drive as we want isn’t it sounds cool … yeah its absolutly Awesome

Software Name :-  Easy Partition Manager    …… Free for Home Purpose     (Download Here) 

How to Make Partition Lets See

  • Download it and install then Open it
  • there is a option of Create open create when there is unallocated size where present (like in snapshot the last one is unallocated )
  • Now create new partition and provide letter like E: F: and whatever you want 
  • Click OK 
  • Most important thing is you have to APPLY the operation (there is an apply button new create in snapshot which enable when the partition created )
  • after clicking apply the system pop up message for restart required were shown you have to say YES otherwise the partition will not be created if you say NO there 
  • You can RESIZE too your local drive or disk here 

Hope you got the points and If facing any problem just leave me a comment i will be happy to solve your problem

Thank you all Enjoy

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