How to bypass Cyberoam and Access Blocked Sites :Hack Cyberoam[update]

Hello Friends Today i am with new trick How to Bypass Cyberoam and Access Blocked Sites ..
Most of the School , Colleges , University Used Cyberoam as Firewall to Block Sites and Control Surfing that is really very much problem for the students as most of the Colleges BLOCKED Social Networking Sites like , youtube, and many more 

Here is the Solution of Bypassing Cyberoam and Access Blocked Sites :—

There are Many Methods for Bypassing :

100% Working Method of How to Bypass Cyberoam and Access all Blocked Site by using PD- Proxy

METHOD 1 : The Most Common Method to access the blocked site is to use Secure HTTP protocol (HTTPS LOOP )

Like :- if you enter in your address bar then you replace it with   —————>

may be this method can’t work but don’t we upset here is SECOND Method :

METHOD 2 : You can use Extensions to Access the Blocked sites 

Extensions That help in accessing Blocked Sites are :

METHOD 3: The Most Famous Method that works comfirm over Cyberoam is TOR BUNDLE

          You can download Tor Browser From here : Download IDM and Flash Enable TOR Browser

          after download this you get Tor.exe run Tor and There is new firefox browser open that will help you in accessing any file 

  • Ultrasurf  : Use Ultrasurf for anonymous surfing of the site

Check out Video Solution :
PART 1: 


METHOD 4 :  This is an awesome proxy server developed to save traffic.
                          This is 100% Java based and therefore this service can be used on any platform with an installed Java Runtime Environment, including mobile phones.
I will show you the steps to use :-

Step 1 : Download Software.

Step 2 : Run It only runs if you have Java Runtime Environment installed on your system.

Step 3 : Now run your web browser go to Tools > Internet Options > Connections > LAN Settings (for Internet Explorer) and enter the address & the port 8080 then press OK.

Step 4 : Enjoy !
One more way is little complicated and requires two different software and manual configurations but ultimately at the end you get the freedom !! Freedom to be unmonitored !!!

Step 1 : Download Free Port Scanner Software.

Step 2 : Install Free Port Scanner on your system.

Step 3 : Detect the static IP assigned to your organisation.

Step 4 : Scan open ports for your static IP address.

Step 6 : Install proxifier software.

Step 7 : Configure proxifier software with the static IP & the open port (generally 3128) for it.

above process in pics

How to get going??
Phase 1 : Detecting external IP and open ports
Download now !
Step 2 : Install free port scanner
Step 3 : Detecting the static IP assigned to your organization.
We need to find out the static IP assigned to your organization which is allocated by the ISP. Here the mechanism of hacking cyberoam is the route the packets directly to the external IP of your organization , thus bypassing cyberoam. Detecting your external IP is pretty simple
Here the site will display your IP address. Please note down your IP address which we will be using again in the further steps.
Step 4 : Scanning open ports for your external IP address
Run the free port scanner software which was installed in Step 2. Enter the IP displayed at in the field for IP address. Keep the other settings default and perform and port scan. This may take a few minutes.
A. Entering IP address whose port has to be scanned.
B. Scan results
Once the scan is completed note down the port number of the port named “ndl-aas”. This ends the first phase of haking cyberoam
Phase 2 : Configuring proxy server
Step 2 : Install proxifier software
Step 3 : Configuring Proxifier software
The key of bypassing cyberoam lies in configuring the proxifier software. The IP address and port we detected earlier comes to use now.
  • Under menu goto Proxy Settings
  • After opening the proxy setting click on “Add”
  • Enter the IP address and port which where detected in earlier step
  • Use “HTTPS” protocol.
  • Check if the proxy is working properly (Else can’t help)
  • Select OK
  • Done !!!!
  • Open your favorite sites now !
Although this method is a tedious , time consuming it yields the best results. It is almost impossible for the network administrator to block this method !
Note : It might not work if your organisation does not have an static IP. You need to run Proxifier first before opening the browser.



Hope you Got it 
If you face any problem leave me a Comment i’ll try to solve it Thank You


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