CSS-Cascading Style Sheet Tutorial series for Absolute beginners

Hey friends this time i am dealing with CSS Course for Absolute Beginners

Most of you dont know about CSS- Cascading style sheet

As the Design of Web Page is done by html codes or by asp.net or php what ever language we want but The Attractive look for that page is only done by css. CSS is the language for enhancing the presentation of web page

It is very easy as We can implement it with Notepad too
There are Three Level Of CSS
CSS1: defines basic style functionality with limited font and limited positioning support
CSS2: adds aural properties paged media and better font and positioning support Many other properties have also been refined
CSS3 will add presentation style properties enabling you to effectively build presentations from web documents
There are 3 type of implementation of CSS in our web page (or in our web designing )
1. In line coding( this is used within line)
2. At Page level (this is written in the head tag of HTML)
3. by making an external css file( in this we make a external file of .css extension and relate it with  the html coding page )
How we Define Style( where we implement the CSS )
In the head tag
<style type=”text/css”>
……..style definition………
this is Page level coding as this only apply at particular page
In current time we generally use an external page for css coding and link this external page to every pages where we want to implement these codes
for this how we do
we can link page with css external page by a link tag in head section
           <link rel=”stylesheet” type=”text/css” href=”mystyles.css”/>
here rel: for relation what the relation between page and css page
type: which type of coding in that external page
href: external file name
Here is an example of a mystyle.css page 
font-size: 10px;                                   /*all these are css codes*/
border:solid thin black;
there is new thing we see that under style tag there is a body{   }  written this tell the browser that whatever we there in <body> tag color , font size and background color will change according to that written in body { }
I hope that most of you know this already  but Some of you are very beginner so they have to know the basics of CSS                          Second post of this series of tutorial will be posting  after some time because of my external examination .Hope you understand be happy and Keep visiting ……..

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