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[How to ]Set Environment Variable by a Bat[Batch] file in Windows

Most of the Program required some environment variable to be defined like JAVA_HOME for Maven Project.Many people even in today world do it by manually like go to advanced system setting in Windows and set the Environment Variables but for Techie people this is not the way to do.Here I am sharing one Utility which

Download and Play Subway Surfers on PC by Using Keyboard

Subway Surfers is a one of the most popular games in android app store. It has been rated 4.5/5 and has more than 2 million votes. It’s an interesting game where we run to evade from a cop. While running we have to dodge obstacles without failing. We also have to collect gold coins along

Ubuntu 14.04 (Trusty Tahr) – Final Beta Available Now

Ubuntu  is a Debian-based Linux operating system, with Unity as its default desktop environment(GNOME was the previous desktop environment). It is based on free software and named after the Southern African philosophy of ubuntu (literally, “human-ness”), which often is translated as “humanity towards others” or “the belief in a universal bond of sharing that connects all humanityUbuntu is one of the Most Popular Linux Free Available Operating

How to Access Internet Without Login Cyberoam (tunnel guru)

Cyberoam is very Strong Firewall which is  Use in many companies and Universities, college to control the access of site and provide Usage Limit to the Users/StudentsMost of the users Access are Limited Like we can use internet with one ID upto 300mb or 400mb per dayafter Exceed the Limit we are not able to

Top 5 Best Download Manager 2013

Today Internet is become the part of the life . Most of the people spend there 3-5 hours over internet , Some of them use internet as Knowledge gaining some as social networking and most of them use it to download Movies, Songs and FilesBut they don’t Know which Downloader they have to use for

How to Create Local Drive/ Partition in Windows 7/8

Hello Friends, Today I am here to Share one more Trick of creating local drive in Windows 7 or 8Most of the User in the world make local drive with the help of Disk management and sometime due to lack of knowledge they are not able to create partition of Hard disk Here is one

How to Install Whatsapp On PC

Here is new Trick for you guys . Most of you think that we can only run whatsapp on Android cell phone or Nokia cell phone but not on PC . Then there is a good news for you guys as you can USE WHATSAPP on PCFor This you require a emulator which provide whatsapp