Month: February 2018

What is Blockchain technology

There are a lot of speculations and a large amount of guesswork around the concept of Blockchain Technology. As crypto currencies are on the rise, the questions surrounding them also increase. So what is a Blockchain? As the name suggests it is a continuous chain of records, called blocks that are linked together. This link

Designevo Review – Online Best Logo Maker(Free)

This article is more of focused on the site which is an online editor of design the logos and help people to create custom free logos. Having right logo for a company or business is very important as it become your business identity , so why not use Designevo. What is ?

Big news! Multi-Document ACID Transactions are Coming to MongoDB

Today I have got one email form MongoDB stating Big New ACID Transaction will be supporting to Mongo DB Thats really Exciting to hear  let see what mail i got from the Mongo DB Community We’re super excited to share with you the big news we’ve just announced at MongoDB.local Seattle (watch a replay of