[How to ] Remove your blogger/site from malware warning or google blacklist

Hi Guys ,

After almost 2 year of gap , I am happy to be back on my blog again ,The reason of coming back is very obvious, I am feeling really boring on this sunday and think why not share my view of malware warning/google blacklist problem.

So lets start with initial understanding,

What is malware warning ? or when our site will listed in google blacklist?

Answer is whenever we violate the google policies , google give us the warning regarding the malware warning but if we ignore it , we will have heavy decrement in the site stats.

Cause of Malware warning?
The most common cause of malware warning is the pop up ads , Underline Ads which redirect the user to some unwanted site where you will be ask to download some unwanted software or code which may infact your browser or computer. So google webmaster will warn you that your site me be keep in blocklist sites if you do not remove the popup ads.


  •  If you opened your homepage and you are not getting any warning page for NOT TO ENTER IN SITE , lucky you , you have some time to still review and remove all those piece of code which may harm your site.
  • If you opened your homepage and you are getting any warning page , Dont worry , You still can manage the situation.
    • remove all the  unwanted piece of code which may cause violation of google policy.
    • go to your webmaster and under the site manage , you will get security Issue 
    • Under security issue -> review my site again (if you are sure your site doesn’t have any content which can violate the google policy)
    • Within few hours you will get the mail from google site whether your review is successfully in your favour or still site have some unwanted code/plugin.


  • Don’t use Popup Ads 
  • Don’t redirect the user to other site without informing him/her.
  • Don’t use too many Ads in the singe page so that user gets irritated and close your site.
  • Allow comply your site with google policies.

Why i share this is because I have the same issue and with god’s bless , I am able to remove the malware warning from my site.
Below snap make me more happy than anything

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