Invite all facebook friends to like the page by one click

Facebook now is very popular for Digital Marketing and especially Facebook Pages. People before got to purchase facebook boost page schema try to invite people to like his/her facebook page.

When we try to call people to invite we need to invite individual i.e we need to click on invite button correspond to every person in our friend list.

So if we want to invite everyone in bulk we should have to do some different thing.

What we need to do is


  • We need to navigate to the facebook page.
  • click on Invite your friends
  • After clicking invite your friend you will see all the friend list in pop up
  • If using Chrome press F12 to open the console window.
  • FOR MOZILLA FIREFOX Press Ctrl+Shit+k to open the console window
  • Run Below Script


javascript:var noeik = document.getElementsByClassName(‘uiButton _1sm’);
for(var invite=0; invite<noeik.length;invite++) {

This will 100 person at one time per day if you again hit the script , facebook will temparory blocked you from inviting the friends 

If you have any issue running the script you can leave us a comment.

Thanks for reading 

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