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Big news! Multi-Document ACID Transactions are Coming to MongoDB

Today I have got one email form MongoDB stating Big New ACID Transaction will be supporting to Mongo DB Thats really Exciting to hear  let see what mail i got from the Mongo DB Community We’re super excited to share with you the big news we’ve just announced at MongoDB.local Seattle (watch a replay of

Invite all facebook friends to like the page by one click

Facebook now is very popular for Digital Marketing and especially Facebook Pages. People before got to purchase facebook boost page schema try to invite people to like his/her facebook page. When we try to call people to invite we need to invite individual i.e we need to click on invite button correspond to every person

Angular 5 was released | Changes from Angular 4

Hi everyone, I hope you’re excited to know that Angular 5 is out Just a quick note from my side: Angular 5 was released a few days ago. And although that sounds extremely big and important, it isn’t. Even though being called a “major release” (due to their updating strategy), Angular 5 doesn’t introduce any breaking changes or major new features – your

25 Biggest Technology brands in the world in 2017

So as we are approaching to the end of the 2017 year , there are few changes seems in this year as well Below is the lists of 25 Biggest Technology Brand in the world   1.Google Revenue in 2017 : $109470m Revenue in 2016: $88173m Change in % vs 2016 : 24 Home Country

Inheritance- Basics – Important Topic for Interview

Guys , Hope you are doing well , Today i am again back with some good article , today i will try to write something which i think is one of the favorite topic of all time for an interviewer.So Inheritance , Most of you knows what is inheritance but the actual in depth knowledge

[How to]Setup/Install utorrent Server in Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

Howdy guys,Today I am going to share about how to setup utorrent server in Ubuntu 14.04 LTSLets Go!! Download utorrent from here  Note: (You need to download uTorrent Server for 13.04, also works for Ubuntu 14.04) Extract utorrent files  launch terminal using ctrl+alt+T or search terminal in launchpad change directory using cd ~/Downloads extract file

[How to ]Set Environment Variable by a Bat[Batch] file in Windows

Most of the Program required some environment variable to be defined like JAVA_HOME for Maven Project.Many people even in today world do it by manually like go to advanced system setting in Windows and set the Environment Variables but for Techie people this is not the way to do.Here I am sharing one Utility which