100% Working Method of How to Bypass Cyberoam and Access all Blocked Site by using PD- Proxy

Hello Friends Today I am gonna share some Tricks about how to bypass cyberoam and access all blocked sites As Cyberoam is very powerful Firewall but In this world all are done by mind of human being so every thing is possible in this world

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So Today I am here to Tell you about One Trick that i got to bypass Cyberoam …You just have to Follow Following Steps

Step 1:- You have to Download PD- Proxy Software  (DOWNLOAD FROM HERE )
or you can download it from Official Site Here  (which might be banned in your college)
Step 2:- Extract the Download Zip file and open the PD Proxy Launcher

Step 3:- When you open this PD- proxy the is the TAP Driver Installation start you have to say YES when the Permission were requested by you

Step 4:- Then When you start PD proxy It require the username and Password

Now the problem is Username and Password and you can’t Signup to Register yourself because most of the college or organization this site is blocked
So how you Sign Up here this is really very serious problem …..Don’t Worry I provide you one username and password

username :      noeikcom
password :      noeik@123
use these username and password and then go to site http://www.pdproxy.com/signup.htm when connected and sign up your own username and password then go and disconnect from these username and password and use your own username

Limitaion :

  • 100 mb / day use
  • we use only 2 servers i.e DEMO SERVER 1 & DEMO SERVER 2
Check out Video Solution :

Now the Solution of this Problem is that

You have to make one browser for Normal use( I preferred Chrome)  and Second Browser for Proxy Server
(prefered Firefox )

Now when your PD Proxy is connected Open Mozilla Firefox and Install Anonymox Plugin and Wait For the Anonymox Plugin to Connect
The Symbol of Plugin Came right most corner of your Firefox like this

Now when this Cross become Dark that means the anonymox is connected and then you have to select identitied

Always use nl2e identity

now just disconnect your PD- Proxy but anonymox is still connected and open any site in Firefox and use Normal sites which are not blocked in chrome browser
now there is no problem of 100 mb / day you can browse any mb’s to download or surf

Hope this will surely help you as this work for me too

Thank you


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